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kids cargo pants unisex

The ‘On Sale’ category is our special section. It features products that are soon to be discounted or available in limited quantities. Occasionally, products may be significantly reduced to clear inventory.

The ‘On Sale’ page is updated as needed. We do not produce surplus products, hence this category is infrequently used. Our clothing is handcrafted upon receiving an order.

A contributing factor to fewer sales is the handmade nature of each item, making it challenging to reduce the cost of the clothes. We do not stockpile clothes made cheaper than our fabric costs.

Each garment is crafted with care, minimizing waste. Leftover materials are saved for future patchwork items. Stay informed by subscribing to our email list and following us on Instagram. Explore our sale items in our online store. Miramara Designs is an Australian-made certified label, so all our garments feature the green and gold logo.

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