girls dresses

girls linen dress

Our girls dresses feature unique designs with two distinct styles. The first is a twirly dress with a V-neckline from our sea-theme collection, while the second style offers dress/pinafores.

The twirly dress is available in three patterns: two with seashells and one with a wavy design in pink and aqua blue. The seashell patterns are using natural linen, and the wavy design comes in organic cotton twill.

Our pinafores are from durable cotton twill and feature a bib with adjustable straps. The skirt portion is detachable for standalone use.

Both dress styles have ample length for longer wear and extra width to accommodate growth, ensuring they last beyond a single season. For the closure we use wooden or resin buttons, and the pinafore includes D-rings at the back for adjustment. Versatile for most seasons, they can be worn alone in warmer weather or with stockings and a shirt when it’s cooler. Our printing fabrics are following the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

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