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Girls clothing is a broad category that includes many unisex shirts as well as a variety of tops, skirts, and dresses. Due to the diverse range of garments, this category is perhaps the largest and most vibrant.

Our girls clothing is crafted from materials such as linen, organic cotton, standard cotton, corduroy, and cotton jersey. The collection features an array of button-up shirts. Exclusively for girls, we offer sleeveless tops in a multitude of textile patterns. Additionally, there are three styles of dresses, pinafores, and several skirts.

For our girl’s products, we prefer using soft fabrics for sewing our dresses. We have a selection of linen dresses adorned with a sea-themed shell print, and another variant made from organic cotton twill. These dresses are designed with a semi-fitted bodice and a twirly skirt, attached at the waist, featuring a V-neckline. They are also versatile enough to be worn over a shirt as a pinafore.

We also have a small collection of four skirts, printed on organic cotton corduroy, belonging to our Timberland Collection.

In addition, we’ve created some pinafores, including the classic Hazel pinafore available in cherry red or with our signature House print.

Another pinafore style showcases our bibbed design, offering five exquisite colors. These unique pieces pair well with a T-shirt or blouse and are made from stretch cotton twill, a fabric that is both soft and robust.

All our garments designed for girls are made to be colorful and enjoyable.

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