boys tops

unisex linen shirt for kids

long sleeve linen shirt

Our boys tops feature a variety of button-up linen shirts. All boasting original designs digitally. The printing is in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.There are plenty of boys tops for any taste.
Faced with the challenge of categorizing each top as either individual or unisex, I opted to list some under specific categories and all under unisex to simplify the process. Our offerings include the Austin collection, available in both short and long sleeves. Additionally, there is the Andy collection. Following with the classic Cypress button-up. Lastly, there is the Robin collection, which also comes in short and long sleeve options.

Crafted from French linen, these shirts are designed and produced in our Sydney studio. The short-sleeve designs are semi-fitted, allowing room for growth, while the Cypress offers a tighter fit, sized to match a child’s age. Our long-sleeve shirts feature an oversized cut, ensuring they last beyond a single season.

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