boys bottoms

kids unisex linen shirt

The “Boys bottoms” category is dedicated to shorts and pants. We offer a variety of cotton pull-up shorts in numerous colors, printed cotton shorts, and long pants in diverse colors and styles.

Within boys bottoms category, we feature Ben shorts available in five distinct colors. Additionally, we have a selection of Alan shorts adorned with our signature sea-themed prints.

Our range also includes flared designs. Among the boys’ bottoms, you’ll discover two patterns of Marino striped long shorts. Our collection extends to the Niko Cargo line, Sasha pants, and a series of linen pants in five unique colors.

Shorts and pants are versatile garments suitable for all seasons and everyone. They come in various fabrics, but we prefer natural fibers, crafting our products from organic cotton and linen.

The printed fabrics we utilize for our shorts and pants undergo digital printing. This process is certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, an international benchmark for the testing of dyes used in fabric printing.

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