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Boys’ clothing is a broad category that includes a variety of button-up shirts with short or long sleeves, as well as a selection of shorts and long pants. Our clothes feature a range of original prints. Each item is made to order, ensuring there are no waste products. We design and craft every piece in our Sydney studio.

Our Prints:
We take pride in creating a diverse array of prints for each collection. Our sea-themed prints are vibrant and colorful, while our botanical prints are playful and child-friendly. We also offer retro-inspired prints and our latest addition features abstract designs.

Each piece is individually cut, which allows us to utilize fabric in the most efficient way with minimal waste. Many of these garments are also suitable for girls, such as shirts and pants.

For unisex items, we stitch buttons on the left side, which is traditionally reserved for boys’ clothing, whereas girls’ clothing typically has buttons on the right side.

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