Bucket Hats

kids bucket hat

Bucket hats are a timeless accessory. In our Sydney studio, we offer a select range of hats crafted with our unique textile designs. Currently available are reversible yellow and red options, each featuring a playful print on the reverse side: a lemon print for the yellow and a cherry print for the red. These fruit-themed prints are digitally applied to organic cotton twill, a highly durable and crease-resistant fabric. The solid color fabrics are made from standard stretch cotton. Each hat piece is fused to interfacing fabric, providing both shape and strength.

Bucket hats are ideal for the warmer months, offering protection from harmful UV rays for children. Sizes can be found on the provided size chart. Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact us directly; we’re here to assist.

Additionally, we offer two designs with under-chin ties, featuring blue and pink backgrounds adorned with yellow and white daisy flowers. As with all our products, these textiles are our original creations.

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