crocheted bag
Australian made clothing

Bags are a particularly special category within Miramara Designs’ unique collection. They are crafted from leftover yarns amassed over many years of crocheting and crafting. The bags vary in size, ranging from small ones suitable for children to larger ones designed for mothers. Each item is distinct; no two are alike. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, truly unique. We place a high emphasis on the quality of our products, lining each one with cotton or polycotton in a matching color, and finishing them with delicate hand-stitching.

The majority of the larger items are accompanied by a small, crocheted purse. For closures, we utilize handmade buttons and loops, which are also fashioned from yarn. In essence, every detail is meticulously handcrafted.

Our cotton totes are constructed from recycled, heavy-duty cotton weighing 340 grams. They are robust and built to last. Measuring 30×40 cm with 50 cm double handles, they proudly feature our company logo—a black cat in striped pajamas—alongside our business information.

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