Campaigns include all of our collections that we call Chapters. Each one is different looking at the textile designs. However, product styles are repeating. From the start Miramara was run by mother/daughter duo. Because daughter went to pursue her career elsewhere, Miramara is now fully owned and operated by one person. Because of that our collections are smaller now.

Chapter 1

This was the first of our campaigns, and it is celebration of sea life. This chapter is full of childhood memories of the beach days. We have many colorful prints in this collection, some on linen and some on organic cotton. There are numerous kids shorts which are staple pieces and easily match for the rest of your child wardrobe.

Chapter 2

As campaigns continue, we brought this one that celebrates autumn colors through our original artwork. There are botanical prints, house village, tree rings and many more. Most of these is on organic cotton corduroy.

Chapter 3

This was the period of Miramara changing its direction. Because it was one-person business, we have only a selection of linen shirts. This is our Retro shirt collection. Includes 7 different textile designs which are used for short and long sleeves linen shirts.

From here collections are even smaller. In sum, we are still keeping our old products and constantly bringing new clothes. Additionally, we are still making our original artwork.