our story

Miramara is designed for the little artist in each child. Children have an inherent, uninhibited, honesty that we embrace and celebrate at Miramara, this naive sensibility can be seen in tangible ways, such as in the scribblings and art of children, and also in the way they live their lives with boundless and inspiring confidence. All of our exclusive prints are designed to appeal to this artistic and creative spirit that abounds in every child.

Miramara’s designer and creative director, Marija (also a lifelong artist with a passion for oil painting), worked at a kids wear boutique whilst studying fashion design and couldn’t help but notice the fearlessness of the children that would visit. Often children would come in, in audacious self styled outfits, with exasperated parents, Marija however loved their ingenuity! At Miramara we’re all about colour, form, and fun. Our collections are designed to inspire the imagination and delight the senses, often relying on bold, playful prints with whimsical elements.

Our work isn’t just easy on the eyes, we’re also mindful of versatility and functionality and believe in a slow fashion philosophy. Our garments feature modern, uncomplicated silhouettes that are designed with children’s comfort and parent’s convenience in mind. Our printed fabrics are all GOTS/OEKO TEX certified and we’re always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our chosen fabrications. We also encourage you to look after and pass down your miramara once your children grow out of it to help us create a world of more measured, thoughtful consumption.